Notes on editing

This is the video I watched and took notes on.


Cutting on action- Cutting while a movement is being made, most commonly an action shot

Cut Away shot- cutting to an “insert” shot before going back to the main focus of the video, sometimes used for flashbacks

Crosscutting-cutting between 2 scenes while something is happening. Can be used to show what is going on in persons head

Jump cuts- Same scent to show the passing of time, can be used to show urgency

Match cut- From one shot to match the action or the composition, used as scene transitions

Fade in- Disolving into or from black

Dissolve- fading from one scene to another, can be used in montage to show passing of time

Smash cut- sudden and immediate, usually going from no action to lots of it, and vice versa

Iris- Circle of black zooming in or out.

Wipe- it wipes- many different types of wipes

Invisible cut- gives impression of a single take, usually hidden in a dark cover, you can also hide it with the motion of a camera movement or with an object moving across the scene.

L cut-Audio from current shot continues into another shot, used in conversations.

J-cut-Audio from next scene comes before the video of the next scene, makes audio smooth out the transition

Can use good creative transitions to make really good cuts.

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