“Keyboards” feedback


  • I made my project around a hobby that I really got into during quarantine.


  • A person tries to find a durable keyboard after theirs breaks, but finds a hobby that has a deep rabbit hole.

Intent / Goals

  • FOR YOU: I really wanted to try to make some better edits. One main thing that I wanted to try was something called an “invisible” edit.
  • FOR THE PROJECT: I wanted to make a connection to the viewer to a similar experience they had getting into a hobby


  • I watched some videos by “This Guy Edits” on YouTube


  • Did you relate to it in any way?
  • Was the way that the edits were done confusing?

Peer Feedback

  • Avian- A little less time spent on the typing part, make that part move faster. Zoom in on the search bar, so it can be seen more clearly.
  • Brian- push in was good, maybe put some more sounds in to make people feel more emotion.

Evidence of Editing: Back To The Future: “You’re George McFly!” (1985)

Back to the Future (4/10) Movie CLIP – You’re George McFly! (1985) HD

Editing in this clip

  • Eye tracking was used quite a lot, the main focus of the shot was in the same place when the clips cut.
  • I also noticed some cross cutting, when the characters were having a dialogue.
  • I also noticed something similar to a match cut, but done within a shot and without cutting.

What I liked

  • I liked the dialog, it made up have the same realization that Marty did.
  • I liked the pace, it didn’t seem too forcefully fast or slow.
  • I really liked the similarities in movement between Marty and George
  • I liked how you still had the main characters in the foreground, but something was going on between them in the background

What I learned

  • I learned that you don’t have to cut away to change the focus of a shot.
  • I also learned that when you cut the audio and the video can be really important.